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Stellar Warfare Mod is a mod for Space Empires V which turns the focus of the game away from diplomacy and toward the strategies and tactics of interstellar warfare.

Download beta 9a, or check out the latest development version!

Major Features

(New features since beta 6 are highlighted)

  • Maximum trade percentage set to zero! You're on your own here!
  • Four major "tiered" theoretical technologies, each with 3 tiers and 5 levels per tier; theoretical technologies grant some benefits immediately, and gain free research points over time from certain facilities.
  • The first level of any new technology costs much more to research than subsequent levels. (Bleeding Edge costs)
  • Many items (especially weapons) require two technologies to advance for a level-up.
  • Resource usage depends on what you are building, not “all minerals all the time”!
  • Entirely redone set of weapons and other tech items.
  • Engines are now divided into "thrusters" and "reactors", similar to SJ's Carrier Battles mod for SE4.
  • Entirely redone, more realistic damage types.
  • Ships need crew dependent on which components they install, not based on their hull. (Like Gritty Galaxy, but lifesupport is included in crew quarters)
  • All weapons have a "preferred" range; instead of being the most accurate at range zero, they are most accurate at their preferred range. Strategies are set so short/medium/long range correspond to these ranges. (Was previously a blind spot, but that was breaking targeting)
  • New, (hopefully) more tactically useful sets of fleet and task force formations
  • Entirely redone set of component mounts, including Carronade (short range, more damage) and Artillery (the opposite).
  • All armor negates some damage, but is also leaky versus certain weapons. Armor comes in three thicknesses; thicker armor is more effective, but can only fit on larger hulls.
  • Shields are leaky as well, and while weaker than armor, they regenerate VERY quickly! (Inspired by Star Trek and MOO2)
  • All technologies are marked "racial/unique" in order to minimize tech sharing, which is considered against the spirit of the game.
  • Resources on planets and asteroids change over time so as to force players to expand into various types of collectors. (Planets tend toward organics, asteroids tend toward minerals, radioactives will require solar generators.)
  • Hybrid racial/unique techs - all racial techs can also be found via ruins, and can also be researched normally at the top of the tech tree.

There are also a number of simplifications made to the game, some for personal preference reasons (e.g. fewer unit types and fewer digits in resource amounts), some for performance reasons (e.g. smaller systems and smaller, shorter battles).