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AutoPBW is a desktop client for PBW used to upload and download game files for Space Empires and other turn-based strategy games supported by the website. It's a (hopefully more user friendly) replacement for both SJ's autohost and se5a's autoclient


  • Download turns (.gam files) from PBW and launch games immediately or later
  • Upload turns (.plr files) to PBW
  • Automatically process turns for games you host or have been invited as a guest autohost user
  • Minimize to system tray with notifications when new turns are ready
  • Go straight to the PBW website with one click
  • Preconfigured with settings for a variety of commonly used game engines and mods (you'll need to manually configure any others you want to use)

AutoPBW requires Windows 7/8/8.1/10 to run due to using .NET version 5. It is written in C# using WPF.

Download v1.2! (Or check out the source code of the latest development version!)