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Smash Arena is my entry for the 2010 7DRL Challenge.

It's a roguelike with a wacky sense of humor and a damage model inspired by Super Smash Bros! Whack the enemy with your light weapons to rack up damage, then hold down control to do a heavy attack and send him flying! You don't die when your HP meter reaches zero - your damage meter counts UP, not DOWN! The more damage you take, the easier it is to get sent flying by an enemy attack! Don't get knocked out of the arena - the walls aren't THAT solid! ;)

I wrote Smash Arena in C# using Windows Forms, so you'll need the .NET Framework to run it (it might also run under Mono; I haven't tested that yet.)

Download here!!!

You smash the bat! Yeah, that's right, THAT bat, all the way over THERE... it went FLYING, didn't it? :D