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Event Horizon is a play-by-web proto-4X strategy game written by Nick Dumas using his Ham & Eggs turn based strategy engine. I've written a user interface for the game (with some help on the graphics from Jon Sorenson).

The goal of Event Horizon is to wipe out all the enemy spaceships, as is the custom in such games, and to do so you must build mining ships to accumulate resources and warships to defend your turf and attack the enemy.

The UI is written in C#, so you'll need the .NET Framework to run it. It will also run in Mono 2.6, but not Mono 2.4.

Download the UI here! (Current version is 1.0.19)

I was previously working on a Silverlight version (preview here), but since Silverlight is going out of style, I decided to focus on an Android version instead.

Features that I have already added on adding to the Android version that need to be ported back to the Windows version:

  • Hexes that look like hexes, not circles
  • "Infinite" scrolling (instead of a limited number of "ghost" hexes, you can just keep on scrolling the map)
  • (work in progress) Multiple view modes (like Stars!) to reduce map clutter:
    • Resource value
    • Fleet strength
    • Mining rate
    • Information overload (similar to current UI)
    • Anything else that might be useful!

Features that I plan on adding to the Android version as well as the Windows version:

  • The ability to save ship designs into a user config file, not just into the savegame, so you can reuse designs across different games of EH
  • Enhanced battle viewer:
    • Show all ships at once (like the old WPF client, but randomly arranged in two boxes, not in a circle)
    • Fleets that are subject to opportunity attacks will be displayed backwards (like confused/fleeing enemies in Final Fantasy)
    • Animated shots and damage overlays
    • Fleet health bars
    • Sound effects (per shipset)! Kapew!
  • The ability to select one of your music tracks to play for various game situations, with fadeaway between the various states:
    • Strategic mode
    • Battle - in our favor
    • Battle - equally matched
    • Battle - desperate
    • Battle end - victory
    • Battle end - stalemate
    • Battle end - defeat
  • A purely cosmetic version of the Event Horizon 2 ship design mechanic:
    • Ship graphics will depend not only on the types of components present on a ship, but also on how many there are of each.
    • Since you can't see the exact component makeup of enemy ships, guesses will be used based on ship size and the presence of weapons or thrusters.
    • Each ship will get an automatically generated hex layout, similar looking to the Event Horizon 2 ship designs.
    • Components will be placed on the layout in proportion to how many there are of each on the design:
      • Required hull will be placed centrally.
      • Shields will be placed in a ring around the hull.
      • Armor (i.e. excess hull) will be placed in a ring around the shields.
      • Weapons and thrusters will be placed in a ring around the armor, with weapons clustered toward the front of the ship and thrusters clustered toward the rear.
    • This layout can then be used as the basis for ship graphics.
    • The mothership will still have a large docking bay overlaid on top of the hull.
    • Shipsets will still allow custom graphics for the components and docking bay.
    • Shipsets may also be able to specify preferred placements for components, so each shipset can still have a distinct hull shape.

Screenshot of the Windows client:

EH Windows client screenshot

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